Children of Lir is a mobile turn-based RPG based on ancient Irish and Celtic legends. Our story is placed in medieval Ireland where the darkness has taken hold of the country. Monsters, dark creatures, and foul men took over the land, fear is growing and it seems there is no hope for once beautiful Emerald Island.

Since the death of King Lir centuries ago, things were only becoming worse, but now it seems the human race is at its last stand. The King of Emerald Island called all brave men, women and children to stand together and fight against the magic that devours the land, and this is where our story begins.

Become a medieval hero, gather your allies and form a party to defend your home. Get immersed in the ancient magic and a hero’s journey from despair to salvation. Use your skills to defeat all of the enemies and help our heroes bring joy back to the Emerald Island. Follow the story, make choices and the hope might still return to our lands. Help our heroes save their world, you’re their only hope!


Children of Lir is developed for Android Mobile market. It’s a single player turn and story based role-playing adventure where the main focus is on the story and players’ choices. Game art style is quite unique and original, as well as the sound design. The game aims to awake specific emotions at specific game points through the clever use of story, sound, and art elements.

Movement and battle mechanics are very intuitive and easy to master. The story of the game will be balanced in such a way so that every player can get immersed as soon as they start their adventure. The game should have around 4 to 5 hours of gameplay, filled with exciting encounters, battles, and unexpected story twists.


Characters of Children of Lir

Celtic mythology offers an abundance of incredible characters and their lores. It’s true that quite a lot of Celtic stories have been lost, but from what we’ve gathered, and from what we know today, most of their stories revolved around the complexity of characters in those stories. This blog post will give you a bit of insight into our process of character selection for Children of Lir.


RPG and Turn-Based Games Which Inspired Us

Every member of Esoter Studio has at least some gaming experience, aside from years spent in game development. When we first got together, we started talking about inspiration, ideas, and what WE would like to achieve as a collective.


How did we Decide to Go with Turn-Based RPG Mechanics?

When we first started developing games as an independent game studio, we wanted to create something we liked. We wanted to develop a game which would appeal to the sensibilities of our entire team. The good news was the fact that our team isn’t that big. Bad news, however, was the fact that we all like different types of games and interactive materials.