Visit Esoter Studio at Games.Con Belgrade and try Children Of Lir for free


Hey there, everyone, it has been quite a while. As you might imagine, we had a lot of work to finish, and we had to go through quite a lot in order to put Children Of Lir on the right tracks. As we’ve mentioned in our previous blog post, the game simply had to undergo quite a lot of various changes and adaptations. This process is something we’re still working on, but we’re happy to say that we’re slowly getting to the point where we want to be.


We’ve shared a lot about our game through our social media, as well as through our Kickstarter campaign, but we think that the time has come for us to show what we’ve done so far. Probably the best opportunity to do this is through gaming events.


We’re happy to announce that we will be attending one of the biggest game conventions in Serbia, Games.Con Belgrade, from 30th of November until 2nd of December. All of us at Esoter Studio really enjoy visiting Games.Con, and since its beginning, we attended all of those conventions. This time, we have the opportunity to show what we’ve done so far, and, hopefully, we’ll get the chance to talk with industry experts, passionate gamers, as well as with our fans.


Games.Con Belgrade

The first Games.Con in Belgrade happened in November of 2016, but it constantly grew and evolved during the years. Nowadays, this convention is one of the biggest and most relevant conventions related to the gaming industry in this region. With an abundance of different e-sports arenas, various competitions and giveaways, tons of incredible board game and tabletop game tournaments, Games.Con is probably the only event of this type where true gamers can indulge in their gaming desires.

As the convention grew, so did the aspirations. There are now some major game development companies involved with it, so this year you will be able to check out Blizzard Arena, PS4 Arena, Samsung, Asus, Nordeus, Klan RUR, and many other game-related companies from all over the world.

As a unique experience, Games.Con is an amazing event to check out. If you consider yourself a gamer, game developer, or simply a game enthusiast - make sure you visit this year’s Games.Con at the Belgrade Fair.


Esoter at Games.Con

As a team of people who always loved games, game development, and almost anything game related, we wanted to become one of the presenters at Games.Con. The first reason is, as we’ve mentioned before so that we can show our game to as many relevant people as possible. We want to hear different opinions and ideas, and we want to try and adapt our game so it really is unique and appealing to our players.

Another reason for us to visit the Games.Con is that we find it really amazing for all indie developers. As an indie developer at Games.Con, you get the opportunity to show your work, learn about creative processes, and even tackle some issues you otherwise couldn’t. You get the chance to talk with experts and learn from them, but you also get to help less experienced developers.


If you get the chance to visit this year’s Games.Con, make sure you come see us at our stand. We will be at Belgrade Fair Hall 2, very close to Nordeus checkpoint, and near the staff entrance/exit. We’re planning a lot of surprises for all the visitors, and we’re also going to organize a giveaway or two, so make sure to visit our stand and try out Children Of Lir.

We will do our best to make our game demo as good and appealing as possible, and we will be waiting for you from November 30th until December 2nd. Come to check our game out, play with us, and even win a prize, and all of that, while you enjoy some of the most amazing gaming events Games.Con provided us with.




Children of Lir is a turn-based RPG based on ancient Irish and Celtic legends. Our story is placed in medieval Ireland where the darkness has taken hold of the country. Monsters, dark creatures, and foul men took over the land, fear is growing and it seems there is no hope for once beautiful Emerald Island.

Since the death of King Lir centuries ago, things were only becoming worse, but now it seems the human race is at its last stand. The King of Emerald Island called all brave men, women and children to stand together and fight against the magic that devours the land, and this is where our story begins.

Become a medieval hero, gather your allies and form a party to defend your home. Get immersed in the ancient magic and a hero’s journey from despair to salvation. Use your skills to defeat all of the enemies and help our heroes bring joy back to the Emerald Island. Follow the story, make choices and the hope might still return to our lands. Help our heroes save their world, you’re their only hope!


Children of Lir is developed for PC, and will be available on Mobile as well. It’s a single player turn and story based role-playing adventure where the main focus is on the story and players’ choices. Game art style is quite unique and original, as well as the sound design. The game aims to awake specific emotions at specific game points through the clever use of story, sound, and art elements.

Movement and battle mechanics are very intuitive and easy to master. The story of the game will be balanced in such a way so that every player can get immersed as soon as they start their adventure. The game should have around 10 to 12 hours of gameplay, filled with exciting encounters, battles, and unexpected story twists.


Common Misconceptions About Celtic Culture

As we’ve dug deeper, we realized there are some misconceptions that have no root in logic. We will be trying to break down those misconceptions and show you the real face of Celtic culture.


Visit Esoter Studio at Games.Con Belgrade and try Children Of Lir for free

We’ve shared a lot about our game through our social media, as well as through our Kickstarter campaign, but we think that the time has come for us to show what we’ve done so far. Probably the best opportunity to do this is through gaming events.


Changes in Children Of Lir

When we first decided to start working on our first game, we already had a lot of experience in game development. However, we didn’t know much about various other things. We’ve started this project with a simple idea in mind - creating an immersive RPG world based around Celtic mythology. We did our research, and we thought we got everything covered. Long story short - we were wrong.