Why Celtic Mythology?

The world we live in is filled with different myths and legends and almost every society has their own mythology. During the years of human evolution and during some dark times our myths, legends, and beliefs changed. Nevertheless - we still tried to save and protect the memory of those old days. But, as time goes by, some details tend to get lost. Whether they get censored by the new generations, mistranslated, or simply forgotten, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we lose quite a lot of the original story.


This has happened to almost every culture in the world, with some exceptions, of course. Modern times often ask from people to adapt to them by leaving the old ways behind. The storytelling simply had to evolve. This is why some myths and legends became quite obscure through the ages. In our opinion - this is quite sad. With such rich stories, plot twists, and with the symbolism which follows mythologies all over the world, we find our inspiration in those less-known stories.



When you find your inspiration within an old story, you wish you knew more, so you could be inspired in the best possible way. With Celtic mythology, you can always find something new and inspiring. Partially forgotten, partially erased, this ancient mythology has its roots deep in the past of Ireland and some other parts of European continent. The strength of those ancient original stories is immense, so much so that some of those stories resonate to this day. The high variety of characters, complex relationships, decades of struggle, and everything that happened to the Emerald Island lies within those stories, waiting to be found. Those stories, myths, and legends are what turns our creative drive on.



Now, when we say Celtic mythology, most people immediately start thinking about Leprechauns, gnomes and dwarves. They are just a part of it. The magical world of Celtic mythology is vast, even though quite a lot of modern-day storytellers don’t know much about it. To be absolutely honest - as game developers, we were a bit surprised with how little this theme has been implemented in the gaming world. Yes, there are games that used Celtic mythology, and there are games that used Celtic characters, but there aren’t many of those games out there. Because of this obscurity, we get to adapt the story we want to tell in the way today’s audience will get to enjoy it. Through a video game.



Celtic mythology and Irish history are beautiful themes to work with. They are filled with love, hate, happiness, and sorrow; they are filled with amazing twists and turns, and even better portrayals of hero’s journey, but most importantly - they are great stories. As a group of game developers focused on great artwork and amazing storylines, we find it compelling to use somewhat obscure materials to create our own interpretation of those materials.


We want to emphasize the richness of characters and stories Celtic mythology has to offer, but we want to do it through our medium of choice - game development. We are trying to merge these worlds together and produce a game which will do these amazing stories justice.



Every game developer wants to see their game being appreciated, but they also want to send a message to the world through their gaming communities. Our goal is to show how some old and forgotten stories can have a new and fresh remake. We want to show that some myths and legends shouldn’t be forgotten, instead, they should be celebrated and adapted. With such enticing lore, it would be a shame to let all of those amazing stories fall to oblivion.


Celtic mythology is quite vast and what we’re trying to do is show just a part of that magical world through our game. We hope we will stay true to those ancient storytellers who came up with these amazing stories. There is a lot Celtic and other mythologies have to offer, and the only question is which the way to use that. Our way is telling and adapting those stories through a game. With so much difference between the old and the new, we want to build a bridge to connect those elements. We want ancient and obscure legends to be available in the world filled with modern technology. We want to use the inspiration we get from these stories and take them to the 21st century. Through game development, 3D printing, smart storytelling, and any other way we can.


Children of Lir is a turn-based RPG based on ancient Irish and Celtic legends. Our story is placed in medieval Ireland where the darkness has taken hold of the country. Monsters, dark creatures, and foul men took over the land, fear is growing and it seems there is no hope for once beautiful Emerald Island.

Since the death of King Lir centuries ago, things were only becoming worse, but now it seems the human race is at its last stand. The King of Emerald Island called all brave men, women and children to stand together and fight against the magic that devours the land, and this is where our story begins.

Become a medieval hero, gather your allies and form a party to defend your home. Get immersed in the ancient magic and a hero’s journey from despair to salvation. Use your skills to defeat all of the enemies and help our heroes bring joy back to the Emerald Island. Follow the story, make choices and the hope might still return to our lands. Help our heroes save their world, you’re their only hope!


Children of Lir is developed for PC, and will be available on Mobile as well. It’s a single player turn and story based role-playing adventure where the main focus is on the story and players’ choices. Game art style is quite unique and original, as well as the sound design. The game aims to awake specific emotions at specific game points through the clever use of story, sound, and art elements.

Movement and battle mechanics are very intuitive and easy to master. The story of the game will be balanced in such a way so that every player can get immersed as soon as they start their adventure. The game should have around 10 to 12 hours of gameplay, filled with exciting encounters, battles, and unexpected story twists.


Children Of Lir at Mad Head’s GameUp 2019

For this year, Mad Head’s team really worked hard, and with the help of SGA (Serbian Games Association), they’ve managed to get some of the most important companies in the gaming industry as partners, lecturers, and judges in this year’s Indie Prize competition.


Common Misconceptions About Celtic Culture

As we’ve dug deeper, we realized there are some misconceptions that have no root in logic. We will be trying to break down those misconceptions and show you the real face of Celtic culture.


Visit Esoter Studio at Games.Con Belgrade and try Children Of Lir for free

We’ve shared a lot about our game through our social media, as well as through our Kickstarter campaign, but we think that the time has come for us to show what we’ve done so far. Probably the best opportunity to do this is through gaming events.